Wagon Wheels Made In The U.S.A.

Western Wagon Wheels is a new company selling old wood! It is owned and operated by a U.S. Army (Vietnam era) veteran. Western Wagon Wheels is dedicated to my late dad who loved stories about the old west. He went out to Calico Ghost Town one day and had them take this photo. He thought he looked like Doc Holliday! Ha ha. Dad was also a patriot and veteran of WWII and Korea.

32and36inwheelWe are happy to offer these western wagon wheels hand made in the USA. Right now we are busy just crankin’ em’ out! It has been said that you will recognize a true leader as one who sets his tail on fire and runs down the road. You see… people will follow just to watch him burn! Well we are on hellfire right now building the best dang wagon wheels you can shake a stick at! [pun intended] It’s just the American way! Dad would be proud!

For your convenience, you can order with your credit card through our secure server. Or just call us at: 530-410-6340 if you prefer a different payment method. We appreciate your business!

Our antique looking wheels (above photo) are suitable for yard decoration or actual use on a peddler cart, arms for benches, picnic tables, wall hangings, picture frames, coffee tables, chandeliers, plus many other uses. They are mostly for decoration, but you can actually use them as light duty cart wheels. They are built sturdy! These are very rustic unfinished wheels. Primitive even. Let your imagination soar!

xmaswagonwheel1They make a great Christmas decoration. Our wheels have also been featured on the DIY network’s Yardcore show, and in live stage productions of Fiddler On The Roof from Connecticut to California! We have even shipped them to the frozen tundra in Alaska!

We just don’t build em’ like they used to! Our 32 inch wagon wheels are all hand made from up-cycled western red cedar or redwood originally harvested from the forest in Oregon and Far Northern California, then naturally weathered and aged for over 20 years! The tyre (rim) is made of 100% recycled composite material.

yardcore4Our shop is located just a few miles west of the Old Oregon Trail. Our unique methods blend old style look and craftsmanship with new “green technology” and innovation to deliver the highest quality product at a very competitive price of $159. each, shipping included. We will deliver free within Shasta County, CA. so don’t order online if you live here. Call for discount price instead. We want to make you proud that you chose to buy American! So get your western wagon wheels made in the USA today!